World citizen based in the garden of England.


I'm a software engineer at Facebook who graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Imperial in 2011. Amongst other things, I am the creator of Monodraw and the co-creator of Clear and EventBox. Passion has always been the driving force behind my work.

I love writing about things that are fascinating and inspiring and I occasionally indulge myself in daydreaming. Open-mindedness is a trait I consider of utmost importance.

I am not afraid.


I absolutely love being an engineer — so much in fact, that there's there is nothing else I would rather be. Visualising everything that I'm crafting is part of my DNA – whether on paper, on screen or in my head.

I'm very passionate about technology and education, and have a soft spot for building innovative products that improve people's lives in creative ways.


Importance of education is a belief of mine — no matter the kind, whether it is college, university or autodidacticism, there's no excuse for being ignorant. We should never stop digesting knowledge — every passing day is another chance to gain more insight.

It is critical to always aim high — no one ever achieved anything by being content with the status quo. If you have ever been under the false impression that you're the smartest kid in the room, be prepared to be disappointed.

Ultimately, it all depends on the individual. Formal education neither implies anything nor is it necessary, it might just make it easier to achieve certain goals.

Love & Passion

You have to love the things that you are doing. There's absolutely no excuse to do stuff that you dislike (or even worse, hate) — every moment is another missed opportunity to turn it all around. Follow your passions, whatever they are — don't fall into the trap of living a life that's dictated by anyone apart from yourself. The minute you stop doing what's expected of you and start shaping your own future, that's the first minute of your life.

No one said it will be an easy ride, so be prepared to work hard — but you will be happy along the way. The feeling that you are in control of your life and that your actions have a direct impact is simply exhilarating. Gary Vaynerchuk said:

You can lose just as much money [doing stuff that you hate as] being happy as hell.