There’s nothing bigger than the little things.


It’s all in the details, it really is.

I’ve recently been thinking about what it takes to ship a product and more importantly , looking from a higher level, the process of creation. From my fairly limited experience over the last half a decade, it takes extraordinary determination, patience and commitment to produce quality experiences.

It’s all about the experiences your creations deliver, people usually don’t care about the product itself (for the most part). I’ve always been a believer in attention to detail but recently, I’ve witnessed some incredible work done. From my skewed engineer’s perspective, when I see such nice little touches or the spectacular polished feel of things, I can sort-of feel the mind-blowing amount of hours that were spent designing / working on those parts. In a way, it’s like you’re seeing that someone else went through the same hurdles as you to get to the sacred destination. So if you’re one of those people, who spends extra-ordinate amounts of time on the details, don’t stop doing it.

There’s nothing bigger than the little things.

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