The importance of motivation along the way.


Sometimes you just have to push as hard as possible. Scratch that. Every single time you have to push as hard as you can. Why?

It’s really simple. We are not machines (most of us, in any case) which means our productivity has its peaks and troughs. Stuff that you have built / achieved generates, as I call it, “motivational gravity”. It keeps you motivated to go through those “low” moments until the next peak arrives. Ultimately, it leads to closure and that’s really important.

I usually try to close all my open loops because I can only handle so many of them at the same time until I go completely crazy. One of the harder questions comes down to whether we should continue spending time on things that we know won’t get us anywhere.

The answer is an absolute yes in the majority of cases - it’s the journey that’s important, not (only) the destination. Plus, you never know where you might end up half-way through your adventures.

In some exceptional cases though, we have to cut our loses and call it a day. If you’re lucky, you will not have had much financial, emotional or other investment but in rare situations, you would have had. It will hurt badly for a short moment but remember the whole point of doing it - it’s for the long-term endeavour.

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